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Standardization - Achieving Higher Levels in the Upstream, Midstream, and Mining (UMM) Commodity Mar

The Construction Industry Institute (CII) conducted research to better understand how to analyze and justify standardization for programs and repeatable projects, how to exploit the standardization benefits and how to implement facility design standardization more effectively. DyCat Solutions Vice President Cathy Farina was a part of the Phase 3 CII research team RT-UMM-001 that was completed in Dec 2020. During this phase, the team produced a second edition to the original research that offers even more resources for a total of two books and four Excel tools.

The following was the objective of the research that was achieved:

  • Developed a Standardization Work Process (includes a standardization business case process/framework) that guides how to effectively exploit benefits of standardization and lays out the major considerations throughout the project phases

  • Developed a Standardization Business Case Analysis Model (Tool) that analyzes and justifies standardization

  • Validated the Standardization Critical Success Factors by examining them

  • Facility standardization has benefits proven to include but are not limited to: reduced lifecycle and capital costs, reduced schedule and improved quality and safety.

For more information on the research and to review the publication and tools visit the CII website

If you would like to learn how to implement facility standardization, contact DyCat Solutions at or visit our website at


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