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Sustainability Policy

As providers of business, engineering, and project consulting services, we at DyCat Solutions recognize the impact that our services can have on sustainability, encompassing the environment and the broader community. We consider environmental protection as integral to the long-term sustainability of our business, understanding that a clean environment not only benefits our employees but also contributes to the well-being of society.

DyCat Solutions is committed to being acknowledged for its responsible approach to the sustainability by customers and other stakeholders. To achieve this, we pledge to:

  • Execute our consulting duties with professionalism, adhering to environmental, social and governance laws, regulations, best practices, and financial requirements.

  • Provide full disclosure to customers regarding all known positive and negative environmental and social impacts associated with proposed solutions.

  • Foster a safe workplace for employees and contractors.

  • Focus on reducing waste and conserving resources, both within our company and for our customers.

  • Prioritize long-term company success over short-term gains.

  • Report any instances of environmental irregularities and social injustice discovered during the course of an assignment to the customer organization.

  • Report intentional environmental wrongdoings and social injustice discovered during an assignment to external authorities, separate from the customer organization.

  • Regularly review and revise this Sustainability Policy on an ongoing basis to ensure its continued relevance to our activities.


By adhering to these principles, DyCat Solutions aims to not only meet the expectations of our customers but also contribute positively to environmental sustainability and societal well-being.

Last update: 11-22-2023

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