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Developing a Business Case to Productize

Our Vice President Cathy Farina presented her paper on Developing a Business Case to Productize at the Project Production Institute (PPI) 2023 Technical Conference. The paper discussed the requirements and timing that companies will need to develop an effective productization business case that will complement the overall project business drivers.

The future of capital project execution for the heavy industrial sector needs to look at innovative ways to improve productivity and project success, which includes the implementation of productization methods. The benefits of a productization strategy are not well known, however industrial productization is becoming more communicated within the industry as the future implementation model. Industrial productization utilizes more of a manufacturing style approach to not only improve productivity but to reduce overall lifecycle costs and schedules and improve overall quality and safety.

Industrial productization combines modularization and standardization methodologies, to take advantage of repeatable components, equipment and facilities to reduce non-value add execution and design waste. Companies need to develop a business case to productize to ensure that the supports the use of the optimum amount of both modularization and standardization, captures the business drivers and benefits and to align the program teams with the productization strategy.

To view the report visit the Project Production Institute website

To view the presentation visit the Project Production Institute YouTube Site

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