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Evolving Industry Focus and DyCat Solutions Update

Industry focus is evolving and we at DyCat Solutions are keeping the pace to provide the latest techniques and efficiencies with our proven cost-effective solutions in the marketplace today.

You may have noticed we recently rebranded our website to better emphasize some of the key emerging trends our clients are asking us to help them navigate.

Trends we are focused on:

Cold Eyes Reviews are being utilized more often for reevaluating old or stalled projects for new efficiencies and approvals, reviewing current project assumptions and providing third party validation. A cost-effective way to reuse invested dollars for project viability.

Early adoption of modularization to maximize scheduling efficiencies and avoid reoccurring issues from trying to modularize after the design is set. Realizing optimum scheduling is achieved with modular focus from the project concept.

OptiMod Layout approach to development plant layouts with smaller footprints and optimum locations for facility placement and land use. Better approach to land selection and utilization which improves sustainability targets.

Corporate Management training for Owner/Operators to learn early on, some new cost-effective approaches to old problems. Education on how contractors and project teams can utilize innovative approaches to align with the business drivers.

Finding the gaps in current corporate modularization delivery processes for continuous improvement. Avoiding risks earlier in the project. Toolkits to help fill out existing corporate processes or even begin a new company service line.

Working side by side with the project team to help deliver presentations and gate milestones to Management and Key Stakeholders. Expert answers to detailed industry questions as a report and/or in a presentation.

On Demand training to match availability of personnel timing and less disruption of delivery scheduling - currently under construction. Keep posted for staged release dates.

Check out our new site and let us know how we can assist your team!!

Contact us to find out more.


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