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Case Study: Saipem's Modularization Journey with DyCat Solutions

Updated: May 3

Introducing Saipem: A Global Engineering Pioneer

Saipem is a renowned leader in engineering, procurement, and construction of major projects in the energy and infrastructure onshore and offshore sectors. They are known for their commitment to innovation, safety, and sustainability, tackling some of the most challenging projects worldwide.

The Challenge: Navigating Uncharted Waters

Saipem faced a unique challenge: embarking on an onshore modularization project without prior experience. This complex venture required a deep understanding of modular project planning and execution, a skill set that was new to the Saipem team. Additionally, Saipem aimed to establish a corporate team specialized in modular execution and design, yet lacked the foundational knowledge and tools to do so.

DyCat Solutions Shares Expertise

Recognizing the need for expert guidance, Saipem turned to DyCat Solutions, a company celebrated for its innovative approach and deep expertise in the energy sector. DyCat Solutions stepped in to illuminate the path forward, offering Saipem the knowledge and resources needed to conquer their modularization challenge.

Understanding Modularization

DyCat Solutions began by helping Saipem's team grasp the essentials of successful modular project execution. Through comprehensive education and collaboration, DyCat Solutions demystified the modularization process, setting a solid foundation for Saipem's journey.

The Solution: A Tailored Toolkit and Training Program

DyCat Solutions conducted a meticulous review of Saipem's modular execution and design plan for an onshore petrochemical project, identifying gaps, risks, and opportunities for improvement. This cold eyes review was instrumental in fine-tuning Saipem's approach to modularization.

To equip Saipem with the necessary tools, DyCat Solutions provided a modular execution and design toolkit, complete with guidelines, templates, and checklists. This toolkit served as Saipem's corporate modular toolkit, a cornerstone for their modular projects.

Moreover, DyCat Solutions developed a corporate modular execution and design training program, delivering it through virtual sessions to the Saipem team. This program was designed to bolster Saipem's understanding and capabilities in modular projects, ensuring the team was well-prepared to face future challenges.

The Outcome: A Blueprint for Success

The collaboration between Saipem and DyCat Solutions yielded remarkable results:

  • Corporate Toolkit Implementation: Saipem successfully used the provided toolkit for its first modular project, setting a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.

  • Enhanced Team Knowledge: The training program significantly improved the project team's understanding of modular projects' nuances, equipping them with the skills to excel.

  • Identified Improvements: The cold eyes review pinpointed critical areas for improvement, offering Saipem clear direction on mitigating risks and maximizing project success.

  • Cost and Space Savings: The strategic insights and optimizations taught by DyCat Solutions led to a notable reduction in project costs (15-20%) and process unit plot area (40%).

In Their Words: Saipem's Testimonial

Saipem's feedback on DyCat Solutions' services was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the transformative impact of the partnership on their modularization project.

Conclusion: A Partnership That Powers Progress

Saipem's journey from facing a novel challenge to achieving a successful modular project underscores the power of expert guidance and collaboration. DyCat Solutions, with its commitment to innovation, expertise, and education, proved to be the ideal partner for Saipem, paving the way for future successes in the complex world of onshore modularization.


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