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Fred Haney: Pioneering the Future of Modular Construction

Imagine a future where the construction of large-scale industrial projects is markedly more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable. At the helm of this transformative vision is Fred Haney, President of DyCat Solutions and a stalwart in the modular construction arena. His leadership is shaping the future of DyCat Solutions and setting the pace for the entire industry.

A Career Built on Innovation and Expertise

With a robust career spanning over four decades, Fred Haney has been a cornerstone in evolving modular construction technologies. His journey in the heavy industrial sector has seen him master every phase of project execution—from front-end engineering to start-up. This extensive experience has fortified his reputation as a global leader and deeply informed his strategic approach to modular design and execution.

Revolutionary Contributions to Modularization

Fred’s most notable contribution to the field was the development of the third-generation modular execution strategy. This groundbreaking method revolutionized the industry by integrating complete processing units into large modules, significantly reducing both the physical footprint and construction costs, while simultaneously boosting operational efficiency. Today, this strategy is seen as a benchmark for excellence in modular construction.

"3rd Gen Modular Execution design methods assure that "Modularization drives layout" versus the traditional method where "Layout drives modularization". This method allows for moving the maximum amount of labour offsite." - Fred Haney, for

Leadership Beyond the Boardroom

Beyond corporate leadership, Fred Haney is a fervent advocate for modular construction’s broader adoption. He has played a pivotal role at the Construction Industry Institute (CII), contributing to crucial R&D initiatives that have shaped industry standards and practices. His work in developing tools for business case analysis of modularization has equipped countless companies with the knowledge to make informed, strategic decisions about their construction methodologies.

Educator and Influencer

Fred's commitment extends into education and mentorship within the industry. He is a frequent speaker and facilitator at conferences and webinars, where he passionately shares his knowledge and insights on modular construction. These platforms have allowed him to guide many project teams, showcasing the tangible benefits of modularization through detailed case studies and interactive workshops.

A Vision Embodied by DyCat Solutions

Under Fred Haney’s leadership, DyCat Solutions embodies a forward-thinking philosophy that champions modularization, facility standardization, lean design, and execution. These principles are not merely operational tactics but are integral to Fred’s vision of making construction projects more capital-efficient and sustainable.

An Industry Recognized Expert

Fred's expertise is widely recognized in the industry, with features in various prestigious publications and interviews where he discusses the strategic and financial advantages of modular construction. His perspectives on reducing construction timelines and increasing project flexibility have made him a sought-after figure in the industry.

Shaping Tomorrow

Fred Haney’s leadership at DyCat Solutions exhibits a commitment to excellence and innovation in the modular construction industry. His visionary approach not only propels his company forward but also continually sets new standards for how modular techniques can be seamlessly integrated into large-scale industrial projects. As we look to the future, Fred Haney remains a guiding force, paving the way for more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable construction methodologies.


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